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Quad Tours In Kazbegi
About Us
Our team is completed with people, who likes his/her job and it the lifestyle for them. So, we can freely say that our team members are highly professional and our service is at the high level.

The nature and extreme are those things we love so much. During many years we provide expeditions around different regions of Georgia; and we decided to show this beauty and emotions to other, who will be attracted by all of this, like us. It is our priority and we do our best.

We have the excellent offer for you who wants to feel the taste of real entertainment and see most beautiful and amazing places. We provide quad tours and conquering wild places.

Our aim is to share the beauty of our nature whom who is in live with it and make gorgeous until unknown places popular among tourists.

These aims are done by the help of quad bikes, therefore our tours are full of extreme and new adventures.

The safety of service users is very important for us, as discipline and obey the rules.

As for quads, we have well-functioning, powerful ones (from 450cc to 700cc), that is enough to provide tours and get a maximal pleasure.

+995 551 110792

+995 577 327024

Quad Kazbegi